Two construction workers in yellow protective clothing and helmets are working on a building site.
Best Place to Work

Mangfoldige Norge

Diversity - definitely: people from all over the world work at PNC. And they do so on impressive construction projects all over Norway.

It is one of the largest countries in Europe and one of the most sparsely populated in the world. Norway has only about 14 inhabitants per square kilometre. The diverse Norwegian landscape is defined by its fjords, islands, valleys, and mountains. Our PNC team is just as diverse and plays a key role in expanding the country’s modern, high-performance infrastructure. Our bridges, tunnels, and roads are flagship projects and prestigious landmarks – for example the Randselva Bridge, the longest bridge in the world designed and built entirely with BIM, or the country’s longest railway bridge, the Minnevika Bridge. Our projects have also won awards – for example, the Loftesnes Bridge, which spans the Sogndalsfjord. We are currently working on other fascinating construction sites – such as our tenth bridge project, the Drammen Bridge

Diverse Teams

Our Norwegian colleagues can’t do everything on their own. We draw on the expertise and experience of all our PORRians from across the Group. Our team benefits from specialists from Austria, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Iceland, Croatia, Serbia, Great Britain, Sweden, Iran, Hungary, Turkey, and Australia – and of course from Norway. With such a diverse team working together in such a diverse landscape, it is especially important to have shared values that guide our collective actions. We are not only united by our PORR principles, but also by our shared goal of successfully completing the projects. We always achieve our goals.

Thanks to the Norwegian mindset, our international colleagues are always very well integrated. Most Norwegians are tolerant and open-minded, and they value equality and equal rights. Diversity is very important to them. They know that labour from abroad is needed to implement the many projects in infrastructure, hydraulic engineering, and other areas. For us, Norway is the perfect market in which to build a diverse team. One more thing: every year, the United Nations World Happiness Report surveys which country is home to the happiest people in the world. Norway is always in the top ten. So if you want to be part of an international team – and you’re looking for happiness – you’re very welcome to join us.

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