Along with the five-building residential complex, PORR is to construct the park, footpaths and a service road.
Building construction
Wishing and living
in Prague
Czech Republic/­Pod Skálou /­2016-18

Residenz Pod Skálou

Issue 172/2018
Author Marek Šach

The residence Pod Skálou is an attractive new residential complex in Prague. Numerous internal specialist departments of PORR have been involved.

After a short 20-month construction period, the residential complex was handed over in summer 2018. It consists of a total of five buildings with 78 apartments and is located in an attractive location, close to the Prosecké skály Nature Park in Prague.

Project data
  • Employer
    Rezidence Pod Skálou s.r.o.
  • Contractor
    PORR a.s.
  • Project type
    Building construction, Residential construction
  • Project scope
    New construction of a residential complex
  • Order volume
    EUR 7.4 million
  • Construction start
  • Construction end
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The Residenz Pod Skálou, consisting of a total of five buildings with 78 apartments, is located in an attractive area very close to the Prosecké skály nature park in Prague. The five buildings, each with four to five upper storeys, include a shared basement floor containing underground parking as well as the building equipment and cellar space. Work on the project began in October 2016, and the handover is expected to take place in July 2018. The foundation works, construction of the reinforced concrete structure and establishment of the technical equipment networks involved the efforts of numerous PORR departments together with external subcontractors.

We could also consider the wishes of the residents in the planning and construction phase.
Marek Šach
Project manager, PORR a.s.

Structural details

The foundation works

The foundations of the five buildings consist of large drilled piles, comprising eight piles with a diameter of 900mm, 70 piles with a diameter of 750mm and 128 drilled piles with a diameter of 520mm. Some 42m of 900mm-piling, 430m of 750mm-piling and 589m of 520mm-piling was installed in total. The project also required drilled pile foundations for two fixed cranes. The foundations for each crane consisted of four large drilled piles with a diameter of 900m and a length of 6m. The total length of this piling was 48m. These were executed with overall starter bars of 0.8m. The contract also included an 800mm deep bore hole with a diameter of 750mm.


The structural works

After the foundation works were completed, construction of the reinforced concrete structure began in November 2016, and in February 2017 this was followed by the brick cladding of the supporting walls. The reinforced concrete construction was conventionally formed with site-mixed concrete. At the same time, the internal apartment partition walls and dividing walls were constructed and, in April, the laying of electricity and utility cables began. Despite bad weather, especially during the winter months, the structural works were completed on schedule on 13 July 2017.

The shell of the new residential complex.
The shell of the new residential complex. Image: PORR AG

Building and surroundings

The entire foundation was constructed as a white tank with waterproof concrete. This meant no additional moisture-insulating measures were necessary. The load-bearing construction consists of a reinforced concrete framework with gypsum plaster. The facades are covered with a thermal insulation composite system and imitation exposed concrete surfaces. Surfaces in the common areas of the stairwells are composed of a combination of exposed concrete around the lift shafts and white-painted gypsum plaster on the other walls and ceilings. In the staircases and entryways, artificial resin putty concrete epoxy in shades of yellow and dark-grey has also been applied. The building entrance doors are constructed from glazed aluminium, floors in the public areas have been laid with ceramic tiles and the upper surfaces of the stairs are exposed concrete.

Living room with floating timber floorboards and timber-framed windows.
Living room with floating timber floorboards and timber-framed windows. Image: PORR AG

Finishing of the apartments

Each apartment includes either a balcony or terrace, and each ground-floor apartment has a small garden. The terraces and balconies are equipped with galvanised steel railings and floored with concrete tiles. At the client's request, two of the terraces were converted into conservatories with an aluminium framework. The interior fittings are all made from high-quality materials by well-known manufacturers. Along with the construction of the actual buildings, the contract also included the construction of a park, children's playground, service road and numerous footpaths. The streets and pavements were paved with interconnected concrete pavers. More than 120 trees and 3,000 shrubs were planted in the park. Additional services included the supply of park benches and rubbish bins. All the apartments and external areas are now complete, so residents will be able to move into the Residenz Pod Skálou in summer 2018.

View of the central courtyard of the residential complex.
View of the central courtyard of the residential complex. Image: PORR AG

Technical data

  • Buildings
  • Apartments
  • Floor area, upper storeys
  • Floor area, basement floor
  • Foundation pilings


The employer has allowed future residents to alter the specified standards for their apartments, which has also affected the date of completion. Despite the altered requirements and occasional bad weather conditions, PORR will be able to complete and hand over the new residential complex on time, to the complete satisfaction of the client.

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