Front view of the new student residence in Lichtenberg.
Building construction
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Student residence

Text Michael Fischer

In the heart of Berlin's Lichtenberg district, PORR Deutschland GmbH is working for Homepoint Investment GmbH for the construction of a student residence.

The fully accessible new build has 425 single-room apartments ranging in size from 20m² to 40m². It was completed in October 2017 following a 17-month construction period.

Project data
  • Employer
    Homepoint Investment GmbH AJ14 KG
  • Contractor
    PORR Deutschland GmbH
  • Order type
  • Project type
    Building construction, Residential construction
  • Project scope
    New construction of student apartments, including design of outdoor facilities
  • Order volume
    EUR 18.2 million
  • Construction start
  • Construction end
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New student residences are hardly a rarity in a city like Berlin. But what makes Homepoint Investment GmbH's 13-storey high-rise project at Alfred-Jung-Straße 14 really stand out from the masses? For one thing, it has a round-the-clock concierge service; furthermore, it is fully accessible throughout.

The student residence towers towards the sky from the former location of a single-storey commercial building, which had long been empty. At the beginning of 2016, the old building was torn down and the construction pit was erected for PORR to begin building the 425 residential units – covering a total usable and liveable floor space of more than 8,000m².

A house in which students can develop and feel comfortable, and which we handed over on time.
Michael Fischer
Project manager, PORR Deutschland

The project

There were basements under part of the former building; they have been extended to run the full length of the new high-rise. The category 5 building was erected using crosswall construction, per the client’s wish. This is a construction technique where the lateral interior walls separating the individual residential units from one another form the load-bearing walls. The external walls and longitudinal internal separating walls have no structural function: this offers considerable flexibility when laying out the various spaces. The upper storey crosswalls were constructed of lime sandstone; the lower and uppermost storeys of reinforced concrete. Between the interior walls, the external walls were filled in with non-structural brickwork. The precast concrete ceilings use the Filigree method. Impermeable construction foundations were constructed from solid reinforced concrete.

The student residence superstructure was built using crosswall construction.
The student residence superstructure was built using crosswall construction. Image: PORR AG
The student residence superstructure was built using crosswall construction.

Facade: Protection against heat and cold

When planning the facility, great emphasis was placed on comfort and energy efficiency. The result: a package of provisions that offer protection from both cold and excessive summer heat. In accordance with the German Energy Saving Decree, the external walls were clad with a mineral thermal insulation system with a plaster surface. The plastic windows are all tilt-and-turn, and fitted with dark profiles. 

In the entrance area on the ground floor, a porch construction stands in front of a spacious glass and aluminium facade with integrated entrance doors, contributing significantly to the overall appearance of the project. The building then develops via two independent stairwells, both of which were designed as safety staircases. The building also has two lifts – one installed as an emergency lift.

Green exterior

The entire plot covers over 4,000m², enclosed by fencing and hedging. A small park has been created within the enclosure, equipped for all kinds sport and leisure activities, including a BBQ area and a hammock.

The park is a popular outdoor meeting place, and has a positive influence, not only on community spirit and the local neighbourhood, but also – thanks to the associated green spaces – on the local air quality: the greenery traps dust and absorbs air pollutants such as carbon dioxide and sulphuric acid. Not to mention the new homes provided by the green spaces for small animals, insects and birds.

Rear view of student residence.
Rear view of student residence. Image: PORR AG
Rear view of student residence.

Technical data

Plot area
Gross floor area
  • Concrete
  • Formwork
  • Reinforcement
  • Number of accommodation units
  • Number of storeys
  • Usable/livable floor area
  • Building category
  • Children's playground
  • Total cycle parking spaces


In Alfred-Jung-Strasse 14, PORR has created a student residence where the occupants can experience a true sense of well-being, along with landscaped gardens providing a peaceful space for learning and relaxing. Thanks to

excellent cooperation between all project participants, the students were able to move in on schedule on 1 September 2017. All remaining work, including the outdoor facilities, was completed in October 2017.

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